JM Precision Tools Corporation
CMM Square, Purok IV, Pulong Sta. Cruz
Sta Rosa City, Laguna, Philippines 4026
Phone: +632.584.4745
Mission & Vision
Our mission is to be a recognized and respected provider of tooling solutions and spare parts.

Our vision is to solve tooling problems innovatively.

As we strive towards realizing our mission and vision, we continually work to be the best by providing value added products and services to our customers.

In support of our Mission and Vision, we have inculcated the following CORPORATE VALUES in our organization:
  1. Honesty - We are honest in dealing with our customers, suppliers and with one another. We honor our commitment and keep our promises.
  2. Discipline - We maintain harmony in our physical, mental and spiritual state. We know the value of good health and our actions are aligned with achieving it.
  3. Ambition - We seek opportunities for personal progress for we believe that our company will only grow as fast as we the employees grow. We continually seek improvement.
  4. Respect - We respect our customers - they are our reason for being. We inspire confidence and enthusiasm in one another. We respect each other.
  5. Dedication - We are dedicated to make our vision, mission and values a reality. We hold each other accountable for these values. We are dedicated to lead the precision tooling market through acting in alighment with these values.
  6. Teamwork - We recognize that teamwork is the only way to success. We focus on and communicate through "We" not "I". We share our knowledge and experiences with one another.
Mission Realized

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JM Precision has been a PREFERRED tooling supplier of its major customers owing to its delivery of quality and cost-efficient products and services.

We have participated in innovative solutions designed to meet yield improvements and increase productivity.